Hot Spots You Might Forget to Clean

If the past 18 months or so of this global pandemic have taught us anything it is that it is crucial to keep things as clean as possible. We have all had the 3 W’s drilled into our brains at this point:

  • Wear a mask,
  • Wait 6 feet apart from others,
  • Wash your hands

And while things begin to return to normal as the vax rolls out to people around the globe, it is important to remain diligent to ensure things do not digress. I am speaking specifically about the importance of keeping things clean in your home. We all know that cleaning the obvious spots such as the kitchen table, counters, cabinets, stove tops, oven etc. but how about the less thought of spots? Such as Light switches? Doorknobs? Sponges? Here are some commonly touched areas of your home that you may need to give extra attention to:

  • Light Switches & Doorknobs– I must be honest here, I have never cleaned my light switches or ever thought to disinfect my doorknobs, but you best believe that I will be now! As one of the most touched surfaces in your home, can you imagine the number of bacteria is housed on the simple switch? Learn more about cleaning light switches plates here.
  • Kitchen Utensils and Sponges – We all understand the importance of keeping a clean kitchen. There are all sorts of health risks when food prep and consumption is involved and often, we may overlook the smaller, simpler tools we use daily to clean such as our dishrags and sponges.Read up on these “do’s and don’ts” to keep your kitchen tools clean.
  • Your Refrigerator Handle – Another surface you are guaranteed to be touching daily? Your fridge and freezer handles! These can quickly accumulate bacteria and other gunk if not cleaned daily. Depending on the material your unit is made of will determine the best cleaning solutions needed however, a gentle alcohol wipe can used along with a microfiber cloth to safely clean just about every type of material.
  • TV Remotes and Phones – You cannot live without them yet can never seem to find them! These 2 items are at the very top of the list of things people forget to clean. Once found, remove the batteries (if possible) and give these guys a modest wipe down with an alcohol wipe or some cotton balls soaked with peroxide. Our phones go with us everywhere we go and everything we touch ends up on our phones, and then you know what we do next? We put that phone right on our face, nearly on our mouths! Yuck!! Clean it and then clean it again! If you have a case protecting your phone, take it off and clean it separately before replacing it.
  • Pillows – Nothing feels better than stepping out of a hot shower after a long day at work and laying down in our cool, clean bedsheets and resting our heads on our soft fluffy pillows. But these little pieces of heaven on earth can get real funky, real quick if we are not cleaning them often. Dust mites, sweat, drool etc. all collect as we sleep. Be sure to pay careful attention to the cleaning instructions on the various types of pillows. Pillow covers should be washed at least once a month while pillowcases should be washed weekly.

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