Welcome Packet

Welcome to Royalty! Today is the best day ever because it is the day your life changes. When you make the decision to join the Sparkling Queens family, we start the process of getting to know you, your needs, your home, and your fur babies. We want to develop a relationship with you so we can help you be the true king or queen of your castle, and you’ll never spend another evening or weekend worried about the cleaning

We are a locally owned, small business, that lives and works in your community. Our owner is a military spouse and special needs mom, so we understand that cleaning is a necessity for busy families like ours. We pride ourselves on being able to offer top notch service that fits your life, is reliable, and makes your evenings and weekends so much more enjoyable.

Since we’re just getting to know each other, there are a few important things that we want you to know about us! Communication is very important to us, so please let us know if you ever have any questions!

Time Estimates: The time that we estimate (especially for your first cleaning) is just that, an estimate. Most of the time we are spot-on with how long a clean is going to take, but since we are able to quote over the phone, sometimes your home needs more attention than we anticipated. Please note that when booking an afternoon appointment, we are only able to work until 4:30pm. Should your cleaning take more time and attention, we will contact you to schedule the rest of your cleaning on another date. It is extremely important to ensure that your home is picked up and prepared for the clean before we arrive. This means that your floors are free of toys and laundry, counters are free of mail or beauty products, your sink is free of dishes, and the home has been generally picked up so we can spend time doing the cleaning. Once we are able to do a walkthrough of your home, it may become apparent that we will need extra time for an additional cost. If this is the case, we will give you a call to let you know how much longer we will be there, and you can make the decision to approve the additional charges. If you prefer, we can also stop within the original time frame under the expectation that not everything will be done-we will simply complete as much as possible within that time frame.

Scheduling and arrival times: We do our very best to adhere to a precise schedule, but in this business, time fluctuates. Some jobs take less time than expected, some take more. Drive time can fluctuate due to things like construction, accidents, and traffic. Thus we operate on a flex-arrival time basis similar to other home services like AC service companies or cable companies. Our morning appointments are scheduled for 8:30am, but please be prepared for our team to arrive within an hour on either side of your scheduled arrival time. For afternoon appointments, they are scheduled after morning appointments, but we can certainly have our cleaner let you know when they are on the way-just let us know so we can update their work order.

Billing: We are paperless and require a credit or debit card on file (this information will be collected when you make your first appointment) – rest assured, our payment processor does so through secure encryption so your information will be safe. For your first clean, we do charge a 50% deposit to reserve your cleaning date. In the event that the clean cannot be completed because the client failed to comply with the aforementioned terms and conditions, this payment is non-refundable. You will be billed automatically to the card on file upon completion of each service. Accounts will be considered overdue if payment is not made within 5 business days and will be assessed a 10% late fee. We’re always looking for ways to make your life easier, so no need to worry about remembering to pay your bill!

Satisfaction Guarantee: Making your life easier is why we do what we do! We will complete a final walkthrough with you at the end of your clean. This is your opportunity to be picky, and we appreciate the opportunity to correct any areas that may have been missed. If you are unable to be present for a final walk-through, please let us know within 24 hours if there is a particular area that was not completed to your satisfaction and we will schedule a queen to return to your home and touch up the particular areas that you have brought to our attention free of charge.

Special Requests/Additions: As we’ve mentioned, we’re looking to meet your needs, and we know not everyone’s needs are the same. Let us know about special requests ahead of your cleaning, so we can add any special instructions to the work order to ensure your cleaner has enough time to complete your clean.

Protecting Your Valuables: To avoid accidental breakage, please secure valuables, fragile collectibles, and irreplaceable family heirlooms. We request  you place these items in a cabinet or drawer, or we can make a note on your worksheet not to touch them. Please ensure that all wax melt devices are turned off to avoid damage. Sparkling Queens Cleaning will not touch potentially sensitive paperwork or documents. Please remove these items before  the day of cleaning. Sparkling Queens Cleaning takes great care while cleaning your home, but occasionally accidents do happen. The cleaning  team will leave a note or inform you of breakage. The office will follow up with a phone call to determine the best course of  action.  

Sparkling Queens Cleaning is not responsible for breakage due to normal wear and tear, deterioration caused by age or  weather, or damage caused by improper assembly, construction or mounting of an item (EX: blinds, pictures, fan blades,  light fixtures, etc.) 

Customers have 24 hours to report damaged or broken items. After 24 hours the customer assumes responsibility for the  broken item. 

Sparkling Queens Cleaning is not responsible for damage incurred by the improper installation of any object. All surfaces  are assumed sealed. If you know of any surface not sealed, you must notify us so that we may clean properly. Sparkling Queens does not use bleach, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals. 


Recurring Cleaning Appointments: Weekly appointments take place on the same day and time of day each week. Biweekly appointments take place on the same day and time of day every other week. Monthly appointments take place on the same day of the week and time of day every four weeks. Monthly cleanings do not always occur on the same date of each month (for example, if your clean is scheduled for March 19th, your next clean will be 4 weeks from that date rather than on April 19th). Please note that should you have to reschedule your recurring appointment, this does not change your recurring schedule as we cannot guarantee your preferred cleaner.

Initial Cleaning Appointments: When booking an afternoon initial appointment, we are only able to work until 4:30pm. Should your cleaning take more time and attention, we will contact you to schedule the rest of your cleaning on another date.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your appointment within 48 business hours of your appointment date, you will be responsible for 50% of the quoted cost of your service. If we are unable to access your home or you are unprepared for the clean, this will be considered a lock out cancellation, and you will be charged 100% of the cost of the booked service. Cancellation within a day puts us in jeopardy of having a gap in our schedule that could have been filled by someone else, and it can leave our cleaning queens without work. We thank you greatly in advance for your understanding and cooperation. Cancellation fees will be charged automatically to the card on file. Please review our updated skip/reschedule/cancel policy here.

Pets: Sparkling Queens cleaning is a pet-friendly service and perfectly happy to service your family, including all your fur (and non-fur) babies.  Please note: Sparkling Queens will not be able to clean a home with an aggressive pet. You know your pets best, so if you have concerns about behavior, anxiets, running out the door, being too close to the cleaner, or walking all over wet floors, please note that it is your responsibility as a pet owner to make the best decision when your house cleaner is coming. If necessary, please crate your pet and/or let us know if there is a pet secured in an area of the home that we should not clean. We appreciate you keeping your pets and our cleaning queens safe.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Service: We ask that you pay close attention to the service description when choosing and booking a service. If you have questions prior to booking, don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss with us! Our team has performed thousands of cleanings and is well equipped to recognize the work required of a particular job, almost immediately upon arrival. Upon arrival, if it is apparent a different service level is required (for example: you booked a general cleaning and upon arrival, our team observes excess dust and would need much thorough cleaning, the service you’d need is a deep-cleaning.), our cleaning team will report back to the office and you will be notified of additional time/cost. With your approval, the team will proceed with the visit with the necessary adjustments. Additionally, please take note of the services that we do not perform or are only performed for an additional fee.

Adequate Property Access & Working Conditions: We must be able to access your property at the time of arrival, and there must be running hot water, electricity, air conditioning, and toilets must be working. If our team arrives and is unable to gain access to the property at the scheduled arrival time, or there is no running water, AC, or electricity, you will automatically be charged 50% of your estimate and our team will reach out to reschedule.

We are not biohazard equipped: We understand that in the cleaning of bathrooms, for example, we may encounter trace levels of human urine or feces. However, beyond trace amounts, our team does not use bleach and is not equipped for the cleanup of bodily fluids or feces (human or animal). Additionally, we are not equipped to deal with mold remediation. If you have a situation requiring significant feces cleanup, blood, mold, etc. you will need to hire a team with that specific specialty.

Misrepresentation of Property Condition: We get it, life happens. Perhaps the condition of the property has changed since you requested your estimate, or you misunderstood some of the questions during the quoting process. If our team arrives and it’s immediately apparent that the job will require more than the estimated time, we will reach out to you by phone with a couple of options. If time allows in the schedule, we can add additional time to the clean for an additional cost. However, if time does not permit, we will reach out with rescheduling options. If the property condition is outside of our scope of services including (but not limited to) large amounts of clutter, areas that are not temperature controlled, blood/feces/mold, lack of access to hot water or electricity, or unsafe pets, we will not be able to complete the clean, and we will retain your 50% deposit.

Protecting our Cleaning Queens: Sparkling Queens Cleaning makes a significant investment in recruiting, certifying and training only the most qualified cleaning specialists. In consideration of this opportunity, each cleaning technician signs a non-compete agreement which prohibits him or her from working directly with our clients. We ask that our clients abide by this same measure. By accepting our service, you agree neither to solicit, directly or indirectly, nor hire any current or former Sparkling Queens Cleaning technician who has provided services to your home, without the expressed written consent of Sparkling Queens Cleaning.

Sparkling Queens Cleaning specialists do not use ladders other than the small step ladder we provide, climb up on furniture, or move any heavy items to protect us and our staff from injury. If you would like cleaning behind heavy objects, please move them prior to your cleaning.

  • Due to safety regulations, our cleaners must wear non-slip shoes at all times. They cannot remove their shoes at any point during the job. If you prefer that their shoes are covered, please let us know so we can provide shoe covers.
  • Due to OSHA regulations, please make sure your home is 68-76 degrees. We do not clean areas that are not temperature controlled.
  • Due to sanitary and hygiene cross-contamination issues, we are unable to clean in areas or homes with live infestations (maggots, fleas, roaches, bedbugs, etc.) until mitigated.
  • To ensure the safety of our cleaning queens and to protect the integrity of the clean, we will not be able to complete a clean when another service provider is present, and you will be charged the full amount of the clean. This means, please schedule your painter, Comcast guy, or drywall repairman not to come during your scheduled cleaning.

Stay Connected: Be sure to “like” Sparkling Queens cleaning on Facebook and follow us on Instagram! If you come home on your cleaning day, the best day ever, snap a picture and tag us! We love to see you sparkle!

    • On that note. Please be aware that we do work with a professional photographer who may be scheduled to take photos at your home. No photos will be taken of personal or identifiable items. These photos are before and after photos or photos of our cleaners for marketing purposes. Photos are anonymous (not attached to customer name or address). We never take photos of photos that include people, or anything that would be personally identifiable.

We know that was a lot! We really appreciate you taking the time to get acquainted with some of our processes and policies. Reach out if you need anything; we’re so excited to help you become royalty!

If you have a move clean scheduled with us, please review a couple of additional notes specific to move cleanings.

  • Please have premises vacated of all furniture, debris, and trash. Should our team arrive and anything is left in the home, the team will not complete the cleaning, and you will be charged the full balance.
  • Sparkling Queens does not professionally clean carpets. We also do not spot clean carpets. Carpets are vacuumed only, but we would love to recommend our preferred carpet cleaner to you if you’d like.
  • Sparkling Queens only removes dust and cobwebs from walls. We do not clean walls due to paint and finishes varying.
  • Sparkling Queens does not clean areas where there is mold. We would be happy to refer you to a mold cleaning specialist.
  • Please run the self-clean cycle on your oven the day prior to or arrival. This helps with a more time-efficient cleaning process and helps to eliminate baked-on stains that are hard to remove.
  • Sparkling Queens is not able to pull appliances away from the wall due to risk of pulling hoses or water lines and causing damage. If you would like areas behind appliances to be cleaned, please have the appliances pulled out prior to our arrival.
  • Premises must be reviewed when move-out clean is complete by either the owner or realtor in charge of managing the move out clean. Sparkling Queens will not return to the home once the clean is complete if no one is available to review the clean at its time of completion. With empty homes, dust continues to fall as doors are opened and closed, and often times there are many people who have access to the home that can track items through freshly cleaned areas. We would prefer that the client or realtor review the home at the completion of the clean.