Terms and Conditions

Sparkling Queens Cleaning Terms and Conditions

Scheduling and Rescheduling:

  • We require a 48-business hour notice for cancelations or rescheduling of appointments. Cancelations or reschedule request must be made by calling (912) 417-9677 during the hours of 9am-4pm Monday through Friday. If you call us less than 48 business hours in advance of your scheduled cleaning to cancel or reschedule, Sparkling Queens Cleaning will charge a non-refundable cancellation fee of 50% of your cleaning.
  • If you must skip your recurring clean, your next clean will incur a $25 charge to account for additional time.
  • We do our best to estimate a window of arrival, but there may be times where our cleaning specialists may arrive earlier or later.
  • Should a client choose to skip a cleaning, Sparkling Queens may charge by the hour for the next cleaning to catch up and allow enough time to perform the job properly.
  • In order to book an appointment, we require a credit card on file to be charged a non-refundable 50% fee at time of booking which will be applied towards your final balance.
  • In the event that the clean cannot be completed because the client failed to comply with the aforementioned terms and conditions, this payment is non-refundable.
  • If clients are absent from our schedule longer than 31 days, Sparkling Queens Cleaning reserves the right to charge a fee to restart service and to review your service rate.
  • Monthly service is offered under the following conditions – the client understands that monthly cleanings are scheduled every four weeks and Sparkling Queens Cleaning cannot guarantee the same team or the same time slot.
    • If you skip or reschedule a recurring clean, this will not change your recurring clean schedule as we cannot guarantee your preferred cleaner.
  • Should your cleaning fall on any major holiday while we are closed, we will reschedule your cleaning which also will not change your recurring schedule.

Accessing Your Home:

  • Please ensure our staff has access to your home and neighborhood. During the initial booking process, you will be prompted to tell us where to find your key for the initial cleaning. We do not keep keys to our client homes, so please ensure that our teams can access your home by either leaving a key out or giving us the code to enter.
  • If Sparkling Queens Cleaning is unable to access your home when we arrive, Sparkling Queens Cleaning will charge your card the full price of the clean.
  • If you have an alarm system you can either give us the alarm code (this can be provided as part of the online sign up process) or turn off the alarm system before our arrival. We will not be held responsible for tripping alarm systems upon entering your property.

Paying for Services:

  • We accept all major credit cards. We require a card on file for ALL clients. Payment is due at the time of service. Your card on file will be charged on the date of service.
  • Accounts will be considered overdue if payment is not made within 5 business days and will be assessed a 10% late fee. Accounts 90 past due will be sent to collections.
  • Sparkling Queens reserves the right to adjust our pricing once we assess the level of soil in each home. Should we encounter something outside of our scope or anything that may require additional time for cleaning, we will call you to discuss additional time requirements and any additional charges.
  • Rate Changes – Sparkling Queens Cleaning reserves the right to re-evaluate rates at any time based on the amount of time it takes to perform our services in order to meet our customer’s standards and expectations. We monitor the actual cleaning time for the initial one to three months of service and occasionally thereafter. Sparkling Queens Cleaning will contact the client to discuss possible price or service revisions if the cleaning time differs significantly from the original bid.
  • Please have your home picked up of toys, clothing, dishes, etc., before our arrival. Our cleaning specialists have a time-table we must adhere to provide excellent service to all our clients. Picking up your home is not included in our estimated price.

In Case of Bad Weather:

  • Sparkling Queens Cleaning reserves the right to be closed for business when severe weather conditions prevent local school’s districts from opening. Also, if our office should remain open despite weather related school closings, for our employees’ safety, they too reserve the right to work or not. We will make every effort possible to send another team to perform your cleaning or reschedule your cleaning. If rescheduling is not needed or wanted, you will not be penalized for skipping a clean.

Protecting Your Valuables:

  • To avoid accidental breakage, please secure valuables, fragile collectibles, and irreplaceable family heirlooms. We request you place these items in a cabinet or drawer, or we can make a note on your worksheet not to touch them. • Sparkling Queens Cleaning will not touch potentially sensitive paperwork or documents. Please remove these items before the day of cleaning.
  • Sparkling Queens Cleaning takes great care while cleaning your home, but occasionally accidents do happen. The cleaning team will leave a note or inform you of breakage. The office will follow up with a phone call to determine the best course of action.
  • Sparkling Queens Cleaning is not responsible for breakage due to normal wear and tear, deterioration caused by age or weather, or damage caused by improper assembly, construction or mounting of an item (EX: blinds, pictures, fan blades, light fixtures, etc.)
  • Customers have 24 hours to report damage or broken items. After 24 hours the customer assumes responsibility for the broken item.
  • Sparkling Queens Cleaning is not responsible for damage incurred by the improper installation of any object. All surfaces are assumed sealed. If you know of any surface not sealed, you must notify us so that we may clean properly. • Sparkling Queens does not use bleach, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals.

Preparing Children and Pets:

  • For safety reasons, please see that children are supervised while we are cleaning your home.
  • Sparkling Queens will not restrain or move an aggressive or barking dog. If your pet is aggressive or uncomfortable with strangers, please restrain her/him before our staff arrives. Otherwise, we may not be able to provide service, and you may be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

Scheduling Other Service Providers:

  • Due to safety and security considerations, please do not schedule other home service providers when we are scheduled to clean. Sparkling Queens Cleaning will not let anyone into your home.
  • Client activities or the activities of other home service providers which result in a request to re-clean an area the team has already cleaned will result in an additional fee.
  • If other service providers are present at any point during the clean, we will not be able to complete the clean, and you will be charged the full amount of the service.

Protecting Our Cleaning Technicians:

  • Sparkling Queens Cleaning makes a significant investment in recruiting, certifying and training only the most qualified cleaning specialists. In consideration of this opportunity, each cleaning technician signs a non-compete agreement which prohibits him or her from working directly with our clients. We ask that our clients abide by this same measure. By accepting our service, you agree neither to solicit, directly or indirectly, nor hire any current or former Sparkling Queens Cleaning technician who has provided services to your home, without the expressed written consent of Sparkling Queens Cleaning.
  • While we do our best to accommodate special requests with our cleaning specialists, there are sometimes scheduling conflicts that may require us to send another specialist.
  • Sparkling Queens Cleaning specialists do not use ladders other than the small step ladder we provide, climb up on furniture, or move any heavy items to protect us and our staff from injury. If you would like cleaning behind heavy objects, please move them prior to your cleaning.
  • Sparkling Queens does not use bleach or specialize in any sort of mold cleaning or removal. We will not be able to clean areas where mold is present.
  • Due to safety regulations, our cleaners must wear non-slip shoes at all times. They cannot remove their shoes at any point during the job. If you prefer that their shoes are covered, please let us know so we can provide shoe covers.
  • Due to OSHA regulations, our staff will not handle any type of animal or human waste, animal cages, litter boxes, vomit, blood, or body waste. If there are any hazardous situations in relation to these items, we will not be able to complete the clean.
  • Due to OSHA regulations, please make sure your home is 68-76 degrees. We do not clean areas that are not temperature controlled.
  • Due to sanitary and hygiene cross-contamination issues, we are unable to clean in areas or homes with live infestations (maggots, fleas, roaches, bedbugs, etc.) until mitigated.

Termination of Service:

  • Either party may terminate cleaning service with written 48-business hour notice. Any payment for above mentioned services owed by the customer shall be due and payable at the time of cancellation.

Guarantee of Your Satisfaction:

  • Our work is guaranteed; if you think any area that is in the scope of work is not clean or cleaned well, we will re-clean that area to your satisfaction.
  • A final walk through is required between the client/realtor and our team lead. During this time, please point out any areas that are not cleaned to your satisfaction so that our team can re-clean the area before leaving the job. Requests for re-clean lodged after completing or waiving the walk-through will result in an additional fee. We appreciate the opportunity to take corrective action while our team is on site.
    • If a final walkthrough was not able to be completed due to the client not being home, please call within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will return as soon as possible to re-clean the problem area. Requests for re-clean lodged after 24 hours will result in a fee. We appreciate the opportunity to make things right in a timely manner.
  • Our guarantee does not include a refund when services have been rendered.

Additional Services by request: Additional services need to be requested in advance so we can schedule the additional time and supplies needed.

  • Interior cabinets
  • Interior refrigerator
  • Interior oven
  • Interior windows
  • Changing linens
  • Laundry

Services NOT included:

  • Organizing/decluttering
  • Cleaning of walls
  • Garage Cleaning
  • Patio/Deck Cleaning
  • Attic Cleaning
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Cleaning any items out of reach with a two-step stool
  • Cleaning any hazardous items including, but not limited to: pet waste, human waste, infestations, blood

Move In/Out Cleans

  • Please have premises vacated of all furniture, debris, and trash. Should our team arrive and anything is left in the home, the team will not complete the cleaning.
  • Sparkling Queens does not professionally clean carpets. We also do not spot clean carpets. Carpets are vacuumed only.
  • Sparkling Queens only removes dust and cobwebs from walls. We do not clean walls due to paint and finishes varying. 
  • Sparkling Queens does not clean areas where there is mold.
  • Please run the self-clean cycle on your oven the day prior to or arrival. This helps with a more time-efficient cleaning process and helps to eliminate baked-on stains that are hard to remove.
  • Sparkling Queens is not liable for damage incurred to floors, walls, cabinetry, hoses (gas line/water/electrical) when refrigerators and stoves are pulled away from the wall in an effort to clean behind said appliances.
  • Sparkling Queens does not clean any human/animal feces, vomit, urine, blood, or other bodily fluids.
  • Please do not have any other service providers in your home scheduled during the move out cleaning. This is for our team’s safety and also to ensure the home is cleaned and not disturbed by others.
  • Premises must be reviewed when move-out clean is complete by either the owner or realtor in charge of managing the move out clean. Sparkling Queens will not return to the home once the clean is complete if no one is available to review the clean at its time of completion.
  • We require a 50% payment of the estimate before our arrival. In the event that the move-out clean cannot be completed because the client/realtor failed to comply with the aforementioned terms and conditions, this payment is non-refundable. The remainder of the payment is due within 24 hours of completion of cleaning. 
  • Due to the nature of scheduling move out cleans, we require a 48 business hour written notice of any cancellations. If a client cancels 

By accepting and hiring Sparkling Queens Cleaning you agree to be the party responsible for full payment and communication, upholding this agreement and satisfaction guarantee procedures. Third-party involvement is not recognized by Sparkling Queens Cleaning.