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Sparkling Queens will give you the royal treatment

The Owner Taylor Matthews

Family Owned Small Business

I'm Taylor, and I'm the owner of Sparkling Queens Cleaning! By nature, I am a very messy person, but I am also super busy! I am a military spouse, business owner, and mom to the best special needs boy! 

It took me a long time to admit that I needed help around the house, but now I know I can't live without having a cleaning service! Having someone come in on a regular basis reminds me to pick up and keep the house straight! After my search for a reliable, licensed, and insured cleaning company, I decided to start my own! In 2020, as we all learned how important keeping your home clean and germ free is, Sparkling Queens was born! Now we serve hundreds of homes and families.

Don't feel guilty about having help around the house! You'll also start to realize that most of the people that you think have it "all together" actually have a lot of help. Just imagine how good it will feel to sleep in on a Saturday knowing your bathrooms are already sparkling clean!

Committed to Quality

Sparkling Queens is committed to the highest quality cleaning products that are also safe for your home and family. We also pay attention to detail and treat you like the queen that you are.

We Hire Only the Best

We want you to feel like having the queens clean your home is a real treat. When we are hiring, we remind our staff that they are going into people's homes where families celebrate Christmas and bring their babies home from the hospital. We hire cheerful and fun queens who will make your day when they show up for your appointment and treat your home like their own!

Why Choose Sparkling Queens

There are lots of options for cleaning, and sometimes it can get overwhelming to make a decision.

Customer Service

Our Queens communicate with you to make sure your cleaning is tailored to the needs of your home and you feel treated like the queen you are!

Licensed & Insured

We know your home is filled with your most precious belongings. We take cleaning your home seriously, so we are licensed and fully insured.

Thumbs Up

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that your home will be sparkling clean. If there is any area within the scope of our work that is not cleaned to your satisfaction, we will gladly re-clean the area to your satisfaction!

Professionally Trained

Our queens go through extensive training to make sure they know how to clean every nook of your home.

Locally Owned

We believe in supporting locals. We are locally and military spouse-owned and operated.

5-Star Rated

Check out our ratings on Google and Facebook to see what others are saying about Sparkling Queens!

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